Properly managed aquatic weed and algae growth creates both a more beautiful, and sound resource for people, fish and wildlife.

Excess weeds and algae in a pond can detract from the beauty of your property and hurt fish populations. Aquatic vegetation and algae can create stagnant water that provides an optimal breeding habitat for mosquitos, and uncontrolled shoreline plants can harbor adult mosquitoes, snakes, rats, and other unwanted pests. As a result, poorly managed ponds can not only be an eyesore, but a potential human health concern.

At Magnolia Fisheries, we follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to control weeds and algae. These include preventative measures (pond dye, nutrient reduction, fountains and aeration); EPA-approved aquatic products (herbicides and algaecides), and biological controls (triploid grass carp, tilapia and bacteria supplements). Our biologists select the best method based on the use of the water body, the available resources, and government regulations.

We are able to prevent most problems before they even start through our weekly monitoring and treatment protocols. Call us for the best solutions to your weed or algae challenge.

Magnolia Fisheries are TDA Licensed Commercial Applicators in Aquatic Pest Control. We prepare and provide our clients with all permits regarding algaecide and herbicide applications under TCEQ General Permit TXG870000.

Causes of Weeds and Algae

Aquatic weeds and algae are present in almost all established ponds. The degree of growth depends on water depth, water clarity, weather conditions, and nutrient loads. The most common culprits of excessive growth in DFW ponds are the hot climate, over-fertilization of landscaped areas, and shallow water caused by siltation.

Methods of Control

There are many methods used to manage weeds and algae. The best way to prevent weed and algae growth is to reduce nutrients. Safe methods of nutrient deprivation include supplemental aeration, beneficial microbe enhancement, and application of nutrient deprivation products. These attack the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms. Responsible use of EPA approved aquatic herbicides and algaecides are most effective at treating the symptoms.

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