Fish Feeders and Habitats

Fish feeders from Magnolia Fisheries will help keep your fish healthy and growing.

With our expertise in fisheries management, it’s no surprise we’re experts on developing a forage base to keep them healthy. Supplemental feeding is an integral part of a complete pond and lake management program; improving the size of your bluegill is the answer to big bass in Texas ponds and lakes, and it’s easily accomplished using automatic fish feeders.

Magnolia Fisheries sells and installs a range of solar-powered fish feeders that include programmable timers, adjustable for multiple feedings throughout the day. It is important to adjust the feeder to discharge only the amount of feed that the fish will clean up in approximately 10-15 minutes. Uneaten feed adds excessive nutrients to the pond, and increases the oxygen demand as it decomposes in the water column.

For maximum benefit, feeders should be kept in operation when water temperatures are 55 degrees or higher. This is typically from late March through November here in North Texas. Use a commercial, floating food pellet with at least 30% protein content. For best results, you should feed at times of low light during the summer (dawn and dusk) and midday when water temperatures are cooler.

Fish habitat or artificial structure helps concentrate game fish, making angling more productive

Predatory fish species hang around the added cover and use it as an ambush point to increase their feeding efficiency. As a result, adding fish structure or habitat to your pond usually increases angling “catch-to-effort” ratios. The habitat Magnolia sells are less prone to snagging your fishing lines than brush piles or other types of habitat, and they do not deteriorate or float to the surface over time. Our biologists can assess your pond or lake and determine which areas are the best candidates for artificial structure.

Fish Attractors

Mossback Safe Haven Fish Habitat

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