Fish Stocking

Magnolia Fisheries’ fish stocking and fisheries management program will increase enjoyment of your waters, from family fun to serious fishing!

We’re North Texas’ most qualified fisheries management company. We have the expertise to know the proper species, quantities and sizes of fish to stock in your water. We will determine what is best for you based on your goals and deliver the fish to your pond in the DFW area. Typically, you can expect your pond to start producing catchable size fish approximately one year after stocking. This process can be sped up by stocking with larger, advanced growth fish.

With our long growing season in North Texas, commonly stocked gamefish like largemouth bass, coppernose bluegill, and channel catfish will grow to quality size very quickly with an adequate food supply. For largemouth bass, this means high numbers of bluegill of the right size. A general rule of thumb is that it takes 10 pounds of bluegill to produce one pound of bass. In order to encourage healthy growth, it is always best to start out with a balanced population of predator/prey species. Read our article on pond balance.

After stocking, all ponds and lakes will require some degree of management in order to maintain balance and sustain healthy growth. Most small, urban ponds can generally be managed by closely regulating and monitoring the size of fish that are harvested. Larger ponds or lakes will benefit from our Electrofishing surveys. Electrofishing allows us to quickly assess the fish population in your water, including species, size distribution, age and relative health. From this survey we can recommend the most productive management strategy to meet your ultimate goals.

Magnolia Fisheries is a Texas Department of Agriculture Licensed Fish Farmer, and we hold a Texas Parks and Wildlife Exotic Species License.

The most authoritative reference on stocking your Texas pond or lake is authored by Texas A&M University. It identifies the most desirable species and provides stocking guidelines based on the size of your waters. See our Resources page for that and other helpful links.

Juvenile Largemouth Bass

Coppernose Bluegill

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