Learn more about pond and lake management from these helpful resources.

Every pond and lake owner can benefit from reading up on basic management principles. North Texas waters are a little different from other areas of the country, with our own unique challenges to solve. We have one of the best information resources for pond and lake management and fisheries management in Texas A&M University and their Agrilife Extension. For your convenience, we have included some of the most-used links for information from that resource and others, as listed below:

Aquatic Plant Identification: Designed to help you identify floating, submerged, and emergent aquatic plants through excellent photos, drawings, and detailed descriptions, TAMUs Aquaplant site is a definitive resource.

County Extension Services: Your local Agriculture Extension office in Texas can be a valuable resource. Want your water quality or soil tested? Contact your local extension office. Here is a directory by County.

Texas Ponds Stocking and Management Recommendations: An article authored by Texas A&M identifying desirable and undesirable species for Texas, with stocking recommendations based upon pond size.

Freshwater Fishes Found in Texas: A Texas Parks and & Wildlife resource on the freshwater fishes of Texas that includes excellent illustrations, life histories and range of all species.

Managing Urban Stormwater Ponds: Guidelines for managing community retention ponds as outlined by Texas AgriLife.  A great resource for your HOA or Community Lake Association.

TXG870000 – Am I Regulated?: An outline of the requirements for applying aquatic algaecides or herbicides under the Texas Committee on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) General Permit (TXG870000)

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