Pond Aeration

Pond aeration increases dissolved oxygen for your fish, eliminates stagnant water, prevents turnover, and breaks down organic “muck”.

Pond aeration is one of the tools we may recommend to help you get the most enjoyment from your pond or lake. Aeration comes in many forms, including bottom aeration and surface fountains. By increasing circulation and oxygen levels, aeration can help ensure healthier fish, and improve the effectiveness of other treatments we use to manage your waters. Aeration is also a tool that helps in mosquito abatement.

Which aeration method is best for you? It depends on your goals. Most common in urban ponds, surface fountains are unique in that they help to aerate your waters, and they look great doing it (especially at night). However, if your goal is to thoroughly distribute dissolved oxygen for the benefit of your fish, help with algae control or prevent pond turnover, then bottom aeration may be the better (and more energy-efficient) choice.

For ponds more than 6 feet deep, bottom aeration is both more effective and less expensive than a surface fountain. Highly visible, community ponds may get more benefit from a surface fountain.

Reasons to use Pond Aeration

Aeration can help solve a number of water quality issues. By increasing oxygen levels in the water, aeration can help reduce algae blooms, and provide a healthier home for fish. Increased circulation will help break down organic material (including bottom sludge from leaves and grass), reduce any bad smells your pond may produce and even help in mosquito abatement.

Bottom Aeration
Image Courtesy of Aqua Control

Methods of Aeration

Surface fountains and bottom aeration (diffusers) both aerate, but surface fountains are more effective at adding oxygen to the water. Diffusers are best at mixing and preventing stratification. Surface fountains are best for decorative water movement, but the least efficient at mixing the water column and distributing dissolved oxygen. There are solar/battery powered systems available for bottom aeration, if power availability is an issue.

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